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Md Shamim Reza - Digital Marketing Specialist in bangladesh
Shamim Reza

Digital Marketing Manager

Bayzid Rahman

Founder & CEO

Md Forid Hossain

Supervisor & Movers

Why Choose Padma Movers?

We’re Chosen by Professionals

Padma Movers is one of the fastest-growing moving companies providing shipping and relocation services to clients.

Today, those who are managing relocation programs and those who are relocating themselves choose us because they need industry experts who understand the complexities of international moving.

Free Consultations

Web Provide Free Consaltation sercice all over bangladesh. We have a professional Consaltant in our team.

Full Guarantee

Our promise to deliver makes us your first choice moving partner. then, We will your all goods 100% guranteed safety.

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated customer service team. They will always solve your problem.

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